Former Townhall et Italian-styleTheater

Saint-Omer (62)
theatre de saint omer cage de scène theatre de saint omer plafond de la salle a l'italienne theatre de saint omer décor de la salle a l'italienne hotel de ville et theatre de saint omer coupe axonometrique


Frame agreement : basic mission + DIAG + Fire safety coordinator + site management, architect and theatre consultant
5 054 600 € Excl. Taxes
1 150 m²
Clé Millet (architect et scenography) / Betom (bet TCE) / Altia (acoustic) / AE Rouault (conservation préventive) / PBP (OPC)

The municipality of Saint Omer wishes to make, from the former City Hall, a major center of animation centered on cultural activities. This equipment is a unique case in Europe where agglomerate within a single architectural envelope: a town hall, an exhibition gallery, a police station, a theater and, historically, businesses. Its current state and the prolonged closure of the Italian theater located within it, have resulted in an under-use of interior spaces,  deterioration of the sanitaries of this building, as well as an absence of certain standard upgrades.   The program provides for the rehabilitation of all the premises, the revision of the closed and covered, all the electrical networks and HVAC. The upgrade to safety and accessibility standards including the creation of vertical traffic and the complete rehabilitation of the theater: room area and stage area and its historical machinery.