Office culturel et Chapelle des Arts

Jujurieux (01)


Full mission
1 650 000€ HT
1 100 m²
Clé Millet (architect)
The program imposed the major constraint of a contemporary extension grafted on a building registered in the supplementary inventory of Historic Monuments.
The aim was to give the town both a versatile tool for most of the season and an auditorium specifically adapted to the baroque music productions of the Ambronnay Festival.
The project illustrates the flexibilty capacities of the installations according to this alternation of use:
-> modularity of the room to various configurations of public implantation through a combination of stalls and rail telescopic platform; it allows empty use, public sitting, mixed, or festive formula with tables and chairs.
-> adaptability of acoustic performances by means of soundproofing and several sets of curtains.
An adjoining contemporary building is connected to the listed monument by a steel and polycarbonate footbridge.