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Nancy (54)
Opéra National de Lorraine place Stanislas rue de Chanzy salle Poirel place du Colonel Driant orchestre symphonique de Lorraine


Diagnostic mission (French law M.O.P.)
62 400 € HT
12 300 m²
Clé Millet International / Matthieu JOULIE

Classified as a historic monument

Feasibility and programmation studies for the Lorraine National Opera and others rehearsal spaces of the city of Nancy.
This mission is about the premises of the Lorraine Opera, the Stanislas place, rehearsal halls located in Chanzy Street (salle Poirel) and in the Driant Annex located in the place du Colonel Driant.

Besides a feasibility study of the entire building, an in-depths analysis was made on the access and transit of the sets, the equipment of the stage house and the whole scenic machinery, the orchestra pit and the creation of a rehearsal space dedicated to the Lorraine symphony orchestra reception.